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"Start Your Own Amazon Store…Without Getting Hurt” is a practical

guide that shows the necessary steps of starting a professional Amazon

store in the United States.

This book is great for new FBA Sellers who utilize the Amazon platform for retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, merchant seller, and FBA with or without Prime. This 5-star rated guide helps new sellers immediately avoid common mistakes.

Lisa (USA)

"This book the point on how to start an Amazon Store, and it could lead you to

other sales..."

What Can This Book Do For You?

In this book, Lori shares her insights about developing a business mindset and exposes the unwritten truths needed to launch your own professional Amazon Store. Readers will learn the foundations of getting started, shared through personal and painful lessons, from a professional seller who has drudged the path without a rule book, and has found success on the other side.

What Others Are Saying...

Lori’s exceptional work fires her enthusiasm and defines her focus. She handles tough negotiations and she stays the course when challenges arise. She executes every task diligently and in a way that only she can. She is a superb leader!

Adriana F. (USA)

Lori falls asleep with a dream and wakes up with a purpose! Everything she achieves is done with precision, motivation and determination. She is the pure definition of unstoppable. She doesn't wait for opportunities to arise, she creates them!

Mandy P. (USA)

I am very excited to congratulate Lori on her first book! The day that I learned of this accomplishment made me very proud of her. Within the last six years, I have seen her grow leaps and bounds. She has inspired me and others to understand that with a positive attitude and continuous hard work, without ever losing hope, we can reach greater heights. I have seen her accept people with love, always being full of laughter and always having a smile on her face. My hope for her is to go far in this life and help many people along the way. Here’s to many more books from her!

Roshini D. (India)

Lori Dunham is all about business. Her exceptional work fires her enthusiasm and defines her focus. Her ability to consider introspective aspects allows difficult life lessons to be reframed for the creation of launching pads. She is bold enough for toe-to-toe negotiations with the highest ups, and she is willing to stay the course when challenges arise. One strength that most impresses me is Lori’s ability to initiate difficult conversations and to see them through with confidence and compassion.

Like the aviator narrator in Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince, Lori is one of the rare “grown-ups” who will say Yes! to playful adventures and an equally enthusiastic Yes! to complicated, focused agendas.

LL Parker (USA)

Lori Dunham

Founder and CEO

Dunham Global Ventures Inc

Lori is a multiple business owner, mentor to budding entrepreneurs, public speaker, and author. Her mission is to inspire and encourage others to take their first step toward their dream. In many cases, the first step is the hardest step to take, especially without support. It is her desire that this book helps others find the courage and resources necessary to take action, live their dreams, and

leave a legacy to be proud of!​

As the host of the Award-Winning International Show, Dunham Business Radio, she interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders and non-profit organizers to learn about their business journey. They share about their successes, failures, challenges and what keeps them in the ring. Most of all, guests give HOPE back to the audience - who are 98% entrepreneurial.

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What's Inside?

I........... Foreword

II.......... Introduction

III......... First Things First

IV......... Getting Started

V.......... Decide How to Sell

VI........ Choosing products

VII....... Where to get products

VIII...... Building Listings and Preparing Products for Sale

IX........ Tracking a Shipment

X.......... Customer Interaction

XI......... Returns and Customer Service

XII........ Payments and Deposits

XIII....... Legal, Taxes and Reports in Amazon

XIV....... Support and Troubleshooting

XV......... Conclusion: Now what?

XVI....... Directory of Resources

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